The Cross- and Longitudinal Foil Cutter RollCut Master makes your foil cutting flexible!

Josting_Rollcutmaster_Folien_Quer-und-Längsschneider, Cross- and Longitudinal Foil Cutter RollCut Master

The MultiCut FLS cuts:

  • PVC
  • all-plastic
  • Polystyrol
  • Acryl
  • Honeycomb boards
  • Papers
  • Plastic films
  • Cardboard
  • and much more

What do you like to cut?

Feel free to send us samples of your materials for test cuts – we shall then be glad to advise you!
Operating modes:

Cross cutting

Cross and longitudinal
cutting simultaneously

Lengthwise cutting
with rewinding

Cross and Longitudinal Foil Cutter – Josting RollCut Master

Flexibility for your your foil cutting:

  • Cross- and Longitudinal Foil Cutter RollCut Master allows cutting across the running direction with top and bottom knife.
  • Longitudinal cutting by pneumatic roller cutters on a glasshard drum.
  • Roll suspension frame to carry rolls of max. 650 mm outer diameter and 500 kg weight, equipped with an pneumatic winding shaft for 76 mm * inner diameter, 2 tilting bearings, and a pneumatic brake.
  • Optimum cutting performance for creating sheets thanks to continuously adjustable speed of feed up to 52 m/min, high cut-to-length accuracy thanks to frequency controlled drive for the feed with adjustable acceleration and deceleration, reselection of lengths and number of pieces at electronic counters.
  • Collecting table for max. length of cut up to 2.000 mm*, adjustable in height and angle.
  • Ionizing bars of the cross- and Longitudinal Foil Cutter RollCut Master for the prevention of electrostatic charging.
  • Rewinding unit with 2 pneumatic clamping shafts for 76 mm* inner diameter and max. 350 mm outer diameter, driven by a rotary current motor with constant speed, control of the web tension by means of the brake at the roll suspension frame and final switch off by length counter with preset.

* Other dimensions available upon request.




TECHNICAL DATA RollCutMaster 1500

Type Cross- and Longitudinal Foil Cutter RollCutMaster 1500
Max. width of roll 1460 mm
Max. unwinding diameter approx. 650 mm
Max. rewinding diameter approx. 350 mm
Clamping shafts for tubes 150 or 76 mm
Length of cut 0 – 9999 mm
Number of pieces 0 – 99999
Adjustable speed of feed
Number of cut pieces of 1 m length 1765 pieces per hour
Electric connection 400 V. 16 A
Compressed air connection 6 bar
Floor space (without depositing table) 195 x 178 cm
Height 198 cm
Net weight ????? kg

Specifications subject to alterations.

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