We offer Second Hand Cutting Machines!

Josting MultiCut F 3200 Cutting Machine (end of 2021) for cutting different materials  –  immediately available.

Demonstration model for sale!

Josting DC – ZFS 2800 Industrial Cutting Machine
with Siemens S7 TIA-Controller – fully equipped  for sale!


The Josting RollcutMaster is a rewinding machine that expertly winds fabric from one roll to another. This modular marvel boasts impressive efficiency and has the power to correct imperfect winding, eliminating any defects in the process.
It’s an essential tool for achieving flawlessly wound rolls every time!
Winding from one roll to the other – we do it for you!

99 years of experience

Josting cutting & winding machines: Since 99 years we develop and produce high quality cutting machines. Our experience is your benefit.

Best quality!

The acknowledged high quality standard of our cutting machines is based upon our wide expertise in materials and cutting processes.

Flexible adjustment

Customer needs and new materials have led to the to the development of new types of cutting machines.

More Space for the Future

On 3000 squaremetres our staff of 30 employees continues to produce and develop innovative cutting machines for veneer, foil and synthetic materials.

Josting cutting & winding machines – Our products

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