Great show. Great sales.

Josting Messestand mit dem Abfallzerkleinerer MulitCut CSC

New “fresh” design for Josting stand.

LIGNA 2019: Josting a cut above the rest


Machine manufacturer Josting from Enger, Germany enjoys record attendance and fills order books at LIGNA 2019. The proportion of international trade visitors interested in the cutting machine range from East Westphalia was above average at around 65 percent.

Goals achieved. New goals set.
This is how the Josting Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG’s performance at the newly designed exhibition stand in Hanover can best be summed up. “We scored points with our ideas and impressed our customers from all over the world with quality and smart solutions,” as company officer Martina Czuck states, going on to add: “At the moment, there are many quotations going out, and we are looking forward to numerous deliveries. Things are on the move. And that’s one of our goals.”

Things are looking good! And running smoothly.
The Josting team resented the RollCut-Master R 1500 film rip-cutter, the MultiCut CSC cross cutter for fast and tear-free cutting of material packages and the MultiCut DC two-knife cutting machine. And how better to demonstrate this extremely precise machine at LIGNA than with a small but delicious treat. The MultiCut DC showed that it really can cut everything effortlessly: even fresh baguettes. The amused visitors grasped the opportunity, enjoyed the savoury salami sandwiches and were all too happy to have the advantages of the stack cutting machine for veneers and other materials explained to them.

Smart, smarter, Josting!
Josting also serves the increasing demand for innovative system and automation solutions, presenting the Siemens S7 PLC control as an option for all MultiCut machines. Again, this went down well. The control makes it possible to integrate machines in a single line, which is essential for automated production processes in state-of-the-art companies. The Josting unloading station for the MultiCut was thus also in great demand, with orders to match. “This again shows that it pays dividends to integrate customer wishes into machine solutions! We are clearly on track with our turn-key solutions,” says a delighted Martina Czuck.

Josting MultiCut Schneidemaschine, Furnierschneidemaschine DC 2800

The unloading station ideally complements the MultiCut series. With a depth of 2.60 m, the size of the removal station is precisely adapted to the width of the respective machine type. It removes the finished cut material for forwarding to the next processing area. Up to 5 packages a minute: Productivity boost included.

Josting Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG, Cutting & Winding Systems, located in Enger near Herford in Germany, has international operations. The company specialises in the production of cutting machines for veneers, films, papers and other materials. Founded in 1924, it has been managed by sole managing partner Dipl. Ing. Stefan Brokfeld since October 2017.

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